Shopping Addiction Questionnaire


The American Psychiatric Association has developed a list of symptoms associated with shopping addiction that individuals can use to help determine if they have a compulsive shopping disorder. Individuals that experience more than 4 of the following may have a shopping addiction and should consider getting professional help:




  1. Shopping or spending money as result of feeling disappointed, angry, or scared
  2. Shopping or spending habits causing emotional distress in one’s life
  3. Having arguments with others about one’s shopping or spending habits
  4. Feeling lost without credit cards
  5. Buying items on credit that would not be bought with cash
  6. Feeling a rush of euphoria and anxiety when spending money
  7. Feeling guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, or confused after shopping or spending money
  8. Lying to others about purchases made or how much money was spent
  9. Thinking excessively about money
  10. Spending a lot of time juggling accounts or bills to accommodate spending




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