Cocaine Detox





COCAINE & CRACK COCAINE Detoxification & Stabilisation Treatment.



Duration:  Normally 2 weeks, but is dependant on each Client’s needs.


How do we medicate?


Cocaine tends to be psychologically addictive rather than physically addictive .With this in mind and to help alleviate any anxiety that Clients may experience during the first few days of not using cocaine, we medicate with a short- acting Anxiolytic in reducing doses over a 7 days period.


Clients have always found this to be most beneficial, in that it takes the edge off any anxiety that may otherwise be experienced –  in this respect, everyone responds differently.



What is Stabilisation about?


Physical withdrawal symptoms tend to be very minimal, if at all. Accordingly, Clients are encouraged to participate in group work at an earlier stage – so being able to start the process of gaining insights, information and education into their addiction much sooner than would be the case with other drugs.


In addition to the Medical Detoxification, Clients also have the benefit of:


  • Acupuncture to help reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Massage sessions to help reduce any aches and pains which may be experienced.
  • 24 hour support from Qualified Nurses, Support Workers and Addiction Therapists.


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