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About Our Alcohol Detox


When you are admitted to an Ayurva Residential Rehabiltation Clinic for your alcohol detox, you will be greeted by our friendly Support staff and will be medically admitted by one of our highly trained Nurses and seen by our Specialist General Practitioners.


The alcohol detox clinic is staffed 24hours per day by Specialist Nurses and Support Staff, along with highly trained Therapists.  Our Therapists will be available to help you to understand more about your alcohol problems and why you drink and the Nurses will support you through your alcohol detox and provide you with health education and awareness sessions.


Your alcohol detox will commence from the moment you walk into our door.  Our Specialist Nurses will treat your alcohol withdrawal symptoms with a range of medications designed to ease your symptoms and make your detox as comfortable as possible.



What Medication Will Be Used


We use Chlordiazepoxide(Librium) in reducing doses along with high potency vitamins which gives you a safe, effective and comfortable alcohol detox.


We have been helping people with alcohol problems to undergo alcohol detox programmes for many years and is proven effective, pain-free and relatively easy to do.


For more information contact us on 0845 467 0612 or e-mail us.

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